The feeling when you slip into your new running shoes. The first steps. The smooth ride on the road or along the trails. The satisfaction afterwards.

 At Salming, we don’t just design running shoes, we design a comfortable running experience.

Fit and comfort first

If there is one thing our Swedish heritage has taught us, it is that running conditions can be anything but comfortable from time to time. The trails and roads are not always dry and smooth. The sun doesn’t always shine. But every day, you can bring something super comfortable. Your Salming running shoes.

We have worked harder than ever to combine fit, design and materials, and to create the best running comfort on the market. You will notice it right away and you will enjoy it during every run. It is straight out of the box comfort, as well as mile after mile comfort.

Run anywhere

In our range, you will find running shoes for every occasion and surface. No matter if you need great cushioning for the road, reliable protection and grip for the trail, or if you just love a direct and lightweight experience, we got you covered.

Don’t settle for less.
Run with Swedish comfort from Salming.