1 - 31 January 2021 

Looking for a fresh start? Want to challenge a friend? Start the year with a run streak! 

Salming Running Club Run streak is a virtual challenge that starts January 1 and you can perform your daily run anywhere you want.
This is a great opportunity to get running motivation, stay healthy and have fun.


How does it work?

1. Sign up to the race -> Yay, let’s run!
2. Run at least one mile (1,6 km) per day, every day during January. In other words, 31 consecutive days or running. 
3. Run fast or slow – you decide. 
4. Trail, road, track or treadmill – you decide. 

Run for a good cause

The fee to participate is 100 SEK (about 10 EUR) and Salming will donate all the proceeds to Bissen Brainwalk, an organization that are raising funds for studies of brain injuries, diseases and disabilities.
Read more: (in swedish).  


– A pair of Salming shoes will be raffled among all participants 
– A pair of Salming shoes and a webstore discount will be raffled among all the participants that complete the challenge.  
– A pair of Salming shoes will be the reward for the best run streak photo. Take a picture during one of your runs, post it on your Instagram, use the hashtag #salmingrunstreak and mention @salmingrunning  
– One free entry to Karlstad Backyard Ultra and Hammaröloppet will be raffled among all participants that complete the challenge.