Changing the blade on your floorball stick

Here's how to replace your floorball blade

Floorball blades are consumable items that wear out over time. The wear occurs as the plastic gets scraped on the underside and also as the plastic loses stability and strength after extensive use. Blades can also break, for example, if someone accidentally steps on them.

Salming offers replacement blades, making it convenient to switch them out. This is also great if you've purchased a stick and don't like the blade that's already attached.

To change the blade, follow these simple steps:

  1. Unscrew the screws on both the new blade and the one currently attached to your stick.
  2. Heat the blade neck with boiling water. Heat both the current blade on the stick and the new blade. The heat will soften the plastic, making it easier to remove and attach the blades.
  3. Remove the current blade from the stick. Make sure to pull the blade straight up. The blade has guiding ridges that are inserted into the shaft's guide grooves. If you twist it, there's a risk of damaging the guide grooves. This could result in the new blade being loose.
  4. Attach the new blade. Ensure that the shaft reaches the bottom properly and that the guiding ridges fit into the grooves.
  5. Screw in the screws. If you've changed blade models, you may need to create new screw holes in the shaft.
  6. Done!