What is flex on floorball sticks?

Flex is a term used to describe the stiffness of the shaft on floorball sticks.

Flex indicates how hard or soft a shaft is and is usually marked on the stick. The lower the number, the harder the shaft, and the higher the number, the softer the shaft. The hardest approved shaft has a flex of 23 mm, which means it bends 23 mm from the straight position when loaded with 30 kg (or technically 300 Nm, but that's almost advanced physics). The softest shaft has a flex of 36 mm.

Flex helps you achieve more powerful shots and works like a bow. If you can't pull the bowstring properly, the arrow won't go very far or fast either.

It is therefore important to find a flex that suits you personally, so that the shaft can do the work in your shots. If you push hard in your shots, you should use a fairly stiff shaft. A softer shaft provides more feel in the game and works well if you don't have a lot of muscle power to push with in your shots.

The most common flex for adult male players is usually between 25 and 27 mm. Female players typically use a flex between 27 and 32 mm. Junior players often do well with a flex of 29-35 mm, while children are usually recommended a flex of 32-36 mm. This depends on how much weight you put on the stick during the shot and how much you can bend the shaft.

On the other hand, if you have a playing style where you don't push down the shaft when shooting, the flex doesn't play a major role for you.