Salming By Heart

We are launching a new initiative. It’s not about goalscoring or personal bests.
Not even close. It’s about following your heart and giving something back in the spirit of Börje Salming.

Börje never considered himself the most important player on or outside the ice. Instead, he gave all he had for those around him.
Teammates, coaches, fans, and friends. In the same spirit, we want to give something back to others.
And the best way is to support all the heroes out there with big hearts. The ones that make life easier for people who are having a tough time.
Therefore, we now launch the Salming By Heart collection. 21 percent of all the sales from this collection will be donated to a couple of charity organizations.
It's good products for a good cause, and we hope you will like them.

Children and Cancer do not belong together and we at Salming Sports want to be involved and help. That's why we support The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund, an organization with the vision of eradicating childhood cancer. The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund is the single largest funder of child cancer research in Sweden and also works to ensure that children and young people affected by cancer receive the care and support they need.

We are proud to support the Friends Foundation in their work to create a safe and inclusive sports environment for children and youth. We share Börje Salming's vision of everyone being able to participate and feel valuable in the team, regardless of background or ability. Through the initiative Salming By Heart, we want to contribute to the social sustainability and spread the joy of sports to more people. Together with Friends and our ICONS, we want to inspire the sports community to follow Börje's values and prevent bullying and exclusion. Welcome to join us in this important collaboration!

For several years, Salming has supported Sports Heart's important work for all children's right to sport and health. Through inspiration, knowledge dissemination and education, Sports Heart contributes to a joyful, developing and welcoming sports environment. An environment that sees, confirms and meets each individual where he or she is as a person and athlete. Together we give more children the opportunity to feel good in their sport and experience health!